Sheenly Lighting Co. Ltd is a leading industrial LED lighting company specializing in the manufacture of innovative LED lighting solutions. Sheenly will help you improve lighting quality, energy efficiency and enhance environmental sustainability. Since 2009, Sheenly has produced multiple types of innovative LED lighting products which have shaped today’s industry. Sheenly is broadly recognised for it’s as  remarkable reputation in this global market. All of Sheenly's products are CE, RoHS compliant while UL, and PSE certification are soon to follow. 

Allow Sheenly to be your partner in today’s lighting challenges!
In a rapidly changing world Sheenly will help you with today’s challenges and make sure your company is prepared for tomorrow.
Let us focus on your lighting challenges so you can focus on your business challenges.

Sheenly Jade
Sheenly Big Round panel
Sheenly Highbay
Sheenly panels
Sheenly slim panel
Troffer X-line panel



With the Adot LED products Lumenned has a unique protfolio of decorative LED lighting for every interior and every application.Adot is specialized in creating LED lighting with modern technology for indoor use.With beautifully designed high-quality materials, Adot strives to bring the essence of Chinese and Western culture together in superior decorative lighting concepts.

Adotled Halo
Adotled Zorro
adtoled magic
Adotled wing
Adot Rayee
Adot Ace