30 x 120

The brand new Sheenly Up/Down LED panel lights adopt special light guide design, which can distribute 70% light downwards and 30% light upwards, this not only illuminate excellent light on you desk but also your ceiling, to create harmonious light environment and glare free.

Sheenly LED panel PRO 30x120 cm. up/down *** Choose a version ***

Power: 45W or 55W Color temperature 3000K (Warm-white) 4000K (Natural-white) 6000K (Pure-white) Beam spread: 120° Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 0,80 Power Factor > 0,95 Dimensions: 1195 mm x 295 mm x 14 mm lumen output table   3000K   4000K   6000K  45W  up:  down: 950lm2200lm  up:  down: 1000lm2400lm  up:  down: 1100lm2500lm 55W  up: down: 800lm2800lm  up: down: 900lm3000lm  up: down: 1000lm3100lm

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Sheenly LED Linear Light, Slimo, 40W, NW, 4000K, 3400LM, 1150x198x18mm. Opal

• dimensions: 1195 x 198 x 15 mm. • power: 40W • color temperature: 4000K (natural-white) • beam: 30% up (1000lm), 70% down (2400lm)   CE version ENEC approval Transparent series Slimo Features - Ultra modern, stylish and Innovative design - Sheer designed for suspended up/down lighting - Excellent surface treatment - Transparent - No UV or IR emissions - Durable with life span over 50,000 hours - 5 Years Duarantee - Simple and convenient installation

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SHEENLY special design Up/down LED panel, 30% up and 70% down, Natural white, white frame.

The Sheenly LED Up / Down Panel is an innovative product that combines direct lighting with indirect lighting.Of the total light output, the 70% is emitted downwards and 30% upwards, so that not only is the panel well lit, but the surroundings are also illuminated via the ceiling.The stylish frame is made of white powder-coated aluminum and is only 14 mm thin. The modern, simple design proves the power of simplicity.The installation on the ceiling is simple. Thin steel wires run from the sleek driver box on the ceiling, which are simply brought to the correct length to install the lamp at the desired height.The Sheenly LED Up / Down Panel has a stylish look and fits perfectly in an office, above a conference table, in a hotel lobby or reception room, in restaurants, at educational institutions or in a retail or healthcare environment.  Power: 45W Color temperature: 4000K (Natural White) Lumen output:  1000lm Up; 2400lm Down Beam spread: 120° Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 0,80 Power Factor > 0,95 Dimensions: 1195 mm x 295 mm x 14 mm

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