BOX fixture for 30x120 panel light ( frame )

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Specially for the panels of 30 x 120 cm, Sheenly has designed a surface-mounted box for mounting on the ceiling or on the wall.
In places where no system ceiling is available for integrated installation, the box offers a perfect solution for mounting a panel on the ceiling.
The product of white anodised aluminum is delivered unassembled in a compact package.

Secure 3 sides, slide the panel in between, secure last side and hang up. Super easy.

LED size 30 x 120 cm.

Disc pendant fixing kit for LED panels

To be able to use the Sheenly panels suspended from the ceiling, Sheenly offers multiple solutions. With the Disc pendant fixing kit, the panel hangs on four steel cables, which meet in the central disc. With just one central suspension point, the panels are easy to assemble. The steel cables can be varied in length to install the panel at the desired height.

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