Led panel up/down 55W warm white 3000K inclu montage set

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THe brand new Sheenly Up/Down LED panel lights adopt special light guide design, which can distirbute 70% light downwards and 30% light upwards, this not only illuminate excellent light on your desk but also your ceiling, to create harmonious light environment and glare free.


Part Number Color Temp. Dimensions Lumen CRI Beam Spread Power
(mm) (lm) (W)
SL-PAN-55W-WW-U2 3000K 295*1195*8 Up: 800             Down: 2800 75 120° 55
SL-PAN-55W-NW-U2 4000K 295*1195*8 Up: 900             Down: 3000 75 120° 55
SL-PAN-55W-PW-U2 6000K 295*1195*8 Up: 1000             Down: 3100 75 120° 55
LED power 55W
LED color Warm White (ca. 3000K)