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Sheenly Linkable Weather-proof LED Light, 40W, 1150x70x75mm, 4000K, 4200 lumen, 1150*76*60,

LED Weather-proof Light Tripo Pro has an innovative end-cap design with built-in connector for fast and easy installation or connection.It’s a high efficient and reliable LED Weather proof light that offer an excellent quality of light.The whole structure well ensures IP65 waterproof and 7 years guarantee. -Super-fast installation, suspended or surface mounted -Easy & tool-less connect and maintenance, detachable end-cap -Replaceable driver, upgradeable function(sensor, emergency, Dali) -7 Years Warranty on luminaire (driver limited to 5 years) -Lifetime up to 65,000h (L70B50), (LIMITED* DRIVER 50,000h), L80B20 @50,000h -Up to 105 lm/watt -Modern, stylish, excellent surface treatment -Water proof, Dust proof, Corrosion proof -Low operating temperature, makes it extremely versatile under different operating conditions applications:  Parking lot WarehouseTunnelBasementIndustrial Lighting