With its special ship-like shape, the Adot Sailing LED hanging lamp offers a unique combination of classic design and modern technology.
The ultra thin lamp of high quality aluminum is beautifully finished with rounded edges.
Almost the entire bottom radiates light, creating excellent lighting under the lamp.
The seamless casing of high-quality aluminum is only 6 mm thin, has a stylish look and fits into any interior; 
above a meeting table, dining room table, in a restaurant or above the reading table in a grand café or reception area.

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Power 28W or 30W number of LEDs: 28W: 160 pcs 30W: 180 pcs Color temperature 2.700K (Warm-White) of 4000K (Natural-White) Lumen output: 28W warm-white: 1820lm 30W warm-white: 1950lm 28W natural-white: 2100lm 30W natural-white: 2230lm Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 0,80 Power factor > 0,92 Measurements: 28W: 980 mm x 130 mm x 6 mm, hanging height max 1.200 mm. 30W: 1300 mm x 180 mm x 6 mm., hanging height max. 1.200 mm. Material: Aluminium (AL5052) productcolor: silver