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SHEENLY 10W 0.6m LED T8 Tube, warm white, 720LM

Sheenly T8 LED Tube - super bright, high CRI (Color Rendering Index) 
- is a modern indoor lighting product. 
Our LED tube has
 an easy installation, plug and play with electrical shock proof design, fully oxidized aluminum surface creat a gleaming appearance. and the ultra strong structure, shock proof and anti-corrosive material to maximize durability

With Sheenly LED Tube's Electric Shock Protection Technology, your safety is SECURED!

 length   LEDs   color  lumen   beam spread   power 
SL-T08-10W-WW-AN   60 cm   96   3000K warm white   720   120°   10W 
SL-T08-10W-NW-AN   60 c  96   4000K natural white   800   120°   10W 
SL-T08-10W-CW-AN   60 c  96   5700K cool white   880   120°   10W 
SL-T08-18W-WW-AN   120 c  180   3000K warm white   1260   120°   18W 
SL-T08-18W-NW-AN   120 c  180   4000K natural white   120°   18W 
SL-T08-25W-WW-AN   150 c  224   3000K warm white   1700   120°   25W 
SL-T08-25W-NW-SP   150 cm   224   4000K natural white     120°   25W