Sheenly Lily - Space Lighting


Sheenly's new designed LED Light Lily is a revolutionary product, which developed for space lighting + Accent Lighting, A fixture combines space and accent lightin
This product has a built-in driver, and stylish appearance with innovative design.

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Sheenly's newly designed LED lamp Lily is a revolutionary product, developed for room and accent lighting.This pendant light, with a built-in driver in the aluminum housing, has a stylish look with an innovative design.The combination of edge-lit and back-lit technology offers excellent light distribution, making the Lily the first of its kind. The energy-efficient pendant light offers a perfect lighting solution for various applications in open spaces such as restaurants, offices, theaters and retail environments.The Lily pendant lamp comes with materials for ceiling installation. Power Output: 26W or 36W Color temperature:  3000K (Warm White) 4000K (Natural White) 6000K (Pure White) Lumen output 2200lm ~ 3250lm Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 0,80 Anti Glare UGR19 Power Factor > 0,95 Dimensions: Ø380 mm x 90 mm light output 3000K 4000K 6000K 26W  2200lm   2400lm   2400lm  36W  3050lm   3250lm   3250lm  DATASHEET

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