Sheenly optional Fixture for LED Highbay 90c

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By using the prismatic conversion lens, your Sheenly Lotus Highbay with a beam angle of 120 ° can be converted to a highbay with a beam angle of 90 ° in a few simple steps.
The lens is fixed by means of a metal ring that is easily placed on your existing highbay.


Sheenly Highbay Lotus 100W, WW 3000K, 11500lm, 120°, Ø388*174, 100-115lm/W

PowerColor temperatureLumen outputBeam angleColor Rendering Index (CRI)Power Factor Dimensions 100W3000K (warm-white)11500lm120°> 0.80> 0.95Ø 388 mm x 174 mm 2017_Sheenly_Lotus_Highbay_Datasheet

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