Sheenly Tri-proof LED Light, 40W, 1.2m, Black Housing

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Sheenly's LED Tri-proof Light is the new concept for industrial lighting.
The lighting switches on automatically when someone is within the large detection range of 15 meters and switches off automatically when no one is detected.

The modern lightweight housing is water, dust and corrosion resistant.The product can be used freely suspended or can be mounted directly on the wall or ceiling.
The large temperature range within which the lighting can be applied makes the Tri-Proof a flexible solution for many applications and environments; light and heavy.

The Sheenly Tri Proof light fits perfectly in parking garages and tunnels, warehouses and basements and can also be used in industrial environments.

·         Power 40W
·         Color temperature 4.000K (Natural White)
·         Lumen output 4.400lm
·         Beam angle 110 °
·         Color Rendering Index (CRI)> 0.80
·         Power Factor> 0.95
·         Resistance IP65
·         Dimensions 1.150 x 76 x 60 mm

triproof datasheet