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Sheenly Tri-Proof linkable LED Light, 40W, 5700K, 4200 lumen, 1150*76*60, Black Housing

Sheenly CE LED Weather-proof light Tripo Linkable

LED Weather-proof Light Tripo Linkable is Sheenly’s new design for industrial lighting.
It adopts auto human being detection for light on/off, light goes on when someone passes, light goes off to 10% brightness when no one. High wide detection range within 15 meters.

  • Feature

    - Up to 105lm/watt

    - Modern, Stylish, excellent surface treatment

    - Water proof, Dust proof, Corrosion proof

    - Super-fast installation, suspended or surface mounted

    - Low operating temperature, makes it extremely versatile under different easy/hard operating conditions

    - Type of connection is linkable

    - 5 Year guarantee