Sheenly's Ultra Slimo is an all new panel light specially designed for suspended installation.
Thanks to its solid structure that Slimo does not sack or bend like normal panel light when suspended.
Slimo is also designed to give direct, indirect light towards the ceiling and the ground, creating a harmonious and mood pleasing lighting experience.Suitable for offices, shopping areas.

Sheenly Transparent Slimo ** Choose a version **

• dimensions:  1195 x 198 x 15 mm. (SL-PAN-40W-xW-SM-TP)  1195 x 295 x 15 mm. (SL-PAN-40W-xW-UD-TP)• Transparent 50% Up 50% Down • 40W Power • 3400lm • Color temperature 4000K (natural-white) DATASHEET

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