up to 130lm/w 120º

Up to 130 lm/watt
Unique appearance, innovative heat sink design
Low operating temperature, makes it extremely versatile under different easy/hard operating conditions
Innovative refelctor-mounting-mechanism for instant beam angle adjustment
Superbly reliable Meanwell HBG driver with built in 1-10V dimming function
Light weight
Easy installation
5 years guarantee

Available in 100W / 160W / 200W / 230W

Sheenly Highbay 120° ** Choose version Philips 120° **

With the Lotus Highbay lighting, Sheenly offers an ideal solution for industrial environments, such as factories, sheds and warehouses, and for various other environments where good lighting from a high point is required. The specially designed aluminum housing is IP-65 water-resistant and offers excellent heat management, allowing the Lotus Highbay to be used in a variety of critical environments.Equipped with an integrated Meanwell driver, the lamp offers a safe, energy-efficient long-term solution, with the option of dimming as standard. With accessories for ceiling or wall installation, the Lotus Highbay can be used in almost any location where a solid lighting solution is required. Available Power: 100W  (13.000 Lm) 160W  (20.800 Lm) 200W  (26.000 Lm) 230W  (29.900 Lm) Available color temperature: 3000K (Warm White) 4000K (Natural White) 5700K (Pure White) Beamspread: 120° , angle can be adapted with optional lens (to 90°) or reflector (to 60°) Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 0,80 Power Factor > 0,95 Dimensions : Ø388 mm x 174 mm (100W, 160W & 200W)  Ø388 mm x 200 mm (230W) 

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